AstLinux Project

AstLinux Project


Development Testing:

Pre-Release AstLinux run images are available for testing.
While these images are considered 'stable', the lack of testing will not make these images suitable for critical production systems.

Pre-Release Version: Changes: AstLinux Pre-Release ChangeLog

Asterisk 11 - Repository URL

Asterisk 13 - Repository URL

Note: You must use an HTTP repository URL for systems older than AstLinux 1.2.7

Example: Upgrade to the latest pre-release testing image containing Asterisk 11 via the CLI:

upgrade-run-image check

(if it looks good, then)

upgrade-run-image upgrade

Note: These testing images are temporary and only the most recent build will be available.

Development Source:

The AstLinux Project has been hosted on SourceForge since 2006 using SVN:

AstLinux SVN at SourceForge

Development Documentation:

For those interested in building custom images using a Linux Build System, the details can be found here:

Developer Documentation