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AstLinux Release:

AstLinux Release Version: 1.3.4
Generic x86-64bit (Video Console):
Release Date: 2018-10-04
Generic x86-64bit (Serial Console):
Changes: ChangeLog
Guest VM x86-64bit (Video Console):
Asterisk Versions: 11.25.3, 13.23.1
Generic x86-32bit (Video Console):
New Installation: Instructions
Generic x86-32bit (Serial Console):
Download: Use a desktop browser to download an ISO Installer Image

Release Notes:

AstLinux 1.3.4 Highlights:

All users are encouraged to upgrade.

AstLinux 1.2.10 was the last supported version for "net5501" and "alix" board types. A custom build can still be used to generate 'run' images for "net5501" and "alix" board types.

New Documentation Topics:
VRRP High Availability Daemon (keepalived)

Linode KVM (Hosted Guest)

Vultr KVM (Hosted Guest)

Updated Documentation Topics:
WAN Failover

Tarsnap Online Backup


AstLinux is a "Communications and Network Appliance" open-source software distribution. Unified communications including voice, presence and messaging, provided by Asterisk (SIP, DAHDI) and Prosody (XMPP). AstLinux's framework allows integrators and developers to deploy solutions that may be remotely monitored, supported and upgraded using an optimized 50 MB image.

AstLinux provides a communication and networking platform including:

Supported x86 boards and appliances include:

Supported Virtual Machine guest environments include:

The following telephony hardware cards are supported via DAHDI:

Computing resources are provided courtesy TechNosis, Inc.