AstLinux Project

AstLinux Project


Development Testing:

Pre-Release AstLinux run images are available for testing.
While these images are considered 'stable', the lack of testing will not make these images suitable for critical production systems.

Pre-Release Version: Changes: AstLinux Pre-Release ChangeLog

Note: These testing images are temporary and only the most recent build will be available.

Guest VM x86-64bit ISO: Download Pre-Release Guest VM Install ISO SHA256(Video Console)

Pre-Release Repository URL:
Asterisk 16se →
Asterisk 18   →
Asterisk 20   →

Note: You must use an HTTP repository URL for systems older than AstLinux 1.2.7

Example: Upgrade to the latest pre-release testing image containing Asterisk 18 via the CLI:

upgrade-run-image check

(if it looks good, then)

upgrade-run-image upgrade

Development Source:

The AstLinux Project is hosted on GitHub, both 'svn checkout' and 'git clone' are supported:

AstLinux Project at GitHub

All current development is on GitHub. Pull Requests are welcomed.

Old AstLinux versions 1.2.10 and earlier, the AstLinux source archives are still hosted on SourceForge using SVN:

Old AstLinux Source Archive at SourceForge

Development Documentation:

For those interested in building custom images using a Linux Build System, the details can be found here:

Developer Documentation